Want To Move Your Mountain?

by DeWitt Martin

(Provided by Erecle III)


I. Your Factory
II. What Controls Your Body
III. The Secret
IV. The Process
V. Source of Knowledge and Power
VI. Health
VII. Harmony
VIII. Prosperity
IX. Sleep Instruction


Do you want to move a mountain?  You can.  Do you want to still a tempest, or part a sea so you can cross over dry shod?  You can.

These are not idle words.  You can move the mountains and part the seas which stand in your path, and you can still the tempest on which you are tossed, and you can do it by yourself, without any expense and without any help.  You need only follow the rules -rules so simple a child can understand.  But it is not an easy matter to follow these simple rules, for it will take determination such as you have seldom used in the past.

You are already doing something every day of your life that the most brilliant chemist or the most efficient industrialist would not think of attempting, and you are doing it unconsciously.  You are running a factory compared to which jet propulsion or atomic energy is child’s play.

You have a mind that is partially conscious and partially unconscious, or subconscious.  In the sub-conscious is more power than has been used in the whole world since the beginning of time.  It has more intelligence than has been displayed by the combined efforts of all the people who ever lived on earth.  And it is all yours to use as much as you wish, in any way that you wish.  In fact, you can’t help using it.  You used it to get what you wanted and what you have, and you used it to get what you did not want.  It is giving you a demonstration of its power and intelligence day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.  It is running your factory.  It takes bread or meat or rice or blubber, or whatever you put into it and converts just the right amount into blood and flesh, just the right amount into hair, and it puts each part exactly where it is needed.  It even knows whether you are a man or woman, and if you are a man it puts extra hair on your face so you will at least look like a man.  It doesn’t care what your politics, education or religion is, what race you belong to or where you live on the face of the earth.  It does its job whether you are awake or asleep, and it does it throughly IF IT IS NOT INTERFERED WITH BY YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND.


We do not teach, advocate or practice hypnotism, but nevertheless hypnotism furnishes striking proof, beyond a shadow of doubt that the subconscious part of your mind has absolute control of your body and your affairs.  Go and talk to an instructor in hypnotism, or if you can’t find one, attend the next performance where a hypnotist is displaying his powers.  Get on the platform if you can so you can see that it isn’t a trick.  The hypnotist will cause the blood to leave an arm so pins can be stuck through the veins and they will not bleed.  The nerves are deadened so the victim feels no pain.  Only the conscious mind can feel pain.  He will fasten your foot to the floor so you can’t possibly move it.  He will stiffen your body, suspend it between chairs and place great weights on it, and it will not bend -feats utterly impossible except when the subconscious mind is UNDER THE CONTROL OF ONE WHO KNOWS ITS POWER.  Observe that the hypnotist tells his victim he will feel no pain, nor have any after effects when he returns to consciousness, and this inner consciousness sees that it is done.

All the hypnotist does is put your conscious mind to sleep so he can take control of your subconscious.  Your conscious mind has simply abdicated its throne in favor of the hypnotist.  Your subconscious mind has no power of choice, makes no decisions but faithfully and relentlessly carries out whatever instructions are given it.  How much more sane and sensible to control your own subconscious.  What a field of opportunity lies before you.  There is literally no limit to what you can accomplish.


THE WHOLE SECRET TO HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY lies in what you put into your subconscious mind.  If you will control this, you can do anything you can imagine.  Big words, but provable.  There is one catch.  You’ll have to believe what you tell it you want.  To illustrate.  I can believe I can earn ten dollars tomorrow, but can I believe I can earn ten thousand dollars.  So we must start with the smaller things -the things it is easier to believe are possible.  It is mathematically impossible to lie to yourself.  It just can’t be done.  It would be like me saying to you ‘This is a $5 bill I have in my hand, but it isn’t really a $5 bill, it’s stage money.  Which would you believe?  Neither one.  You’d probably lean toward the belief the bill was counterfeit.  In any event there would not have been complete acceptance of anything.


So the process of learning to use the subconscious must consist of arguments, demonstrations or illustrations which you can accept as possible.  Or if those methods do not readily present themselves, then by sheer repetition.  The field of advertising offers a good example of what repetition will do.  If you see an advertisement repeated often enough you’ll find yourself believing almost anything.  By whatever process, you must either believe what you want is possible, or by some method get the conscious mind out of the way and deal directly with the subconscious.  Sleep instruction by the use of phonograph records or tape recorder is very helpful in reaching the subconscious directly.  This will be discussed later in this booklet.  The hypnotist fails because upon your return to normal your conscious mind refutes the hypnotist and re-instructs the subconscious in accordance with your habitual thinking.


By whatever name it is called there must be a source of intelligence from which the mind draws all its knowledge.  This source must know everything there is to be known.  It knew the power of electricity before man discovered it.  It knew of the force of gravity ages before Newton was born.  The energy in the atom has always been there.  Man didn’t discover it except in the sense that he discovered that it had been there all the time.  The only thing impossible, is the thing we have not yet discovered how to do.  Pushing a load of bricks in a wheel-barrow was just as impossible before man discovered the wheel as was flying an airplane before man discovered the laws of aerodynamics.  No person created the principle of mathematics, but some mind, somewhere, sometime drew on this source of knowledge.  Many people have awakened out of a sound sleep with the answer to a problem which had defied them for a long time.  The subconscious, during sleep, had contacted the source of knowledge and delivered the answer to the conscious mind.  Every advance known to society has been the result of some mind somewhere contacting the source of knowledge.

Hence our first premise.  THERE IS A SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE in which everything known in the past, known in the present, or ever to be known in the future exists now, and YOU CAN REACH IT.

Second premise.  THERE IS A SOURCE OF POWER unlimited as space, great than all that has been used in the past and including all to be used in the future, and YOU CAN USE IT.  In using it you cannot deplete it, any more than you can deplete the principle of mathematics.  The physical scientist tells us we can create nothing new.  We can only change its form.  Neither can we destroy anything, for the weight of the ashes, smoke and gasses of a burned log is just the same as before it was burned.  We do not create electricity, we merely draw it from the ether.  And so with knowledge and power.  We simply draw on the inexhaustible supply.  Anyone given the knowledge and power can do anything he can imagine.


So let us learn how to draw from this infinite knowledge and unlimited power.  it if is health you want it isn’t hard to believe there is no shortage of health in the universe.  There is an abundance of health.  Where did you get what you have?  Where does effervescent youth get its abundance of health and energy?  From the one source of all power and intelligence.  Certainly you would never call ill health intelligence.  How did we get it?  We just let it flow into our bodies, and even though we knew it not, it came through our subconscious minds.  IT CAME IN ABUNDANCE BEFORE WE LEARNED TO DAM THE FLOW WITH DOUBT AND FEAR, EITHER FROM OUR OWN MINDS OR FROM  THE SUGGESTIONS OF OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES.  But we are not much interested in how we got ill health.  We want to know how to get good health and how to keep it.

Go where nothing will distract your though, where there will be no interruptions.  An excellent time is when you go to bed at night and the lights are out.  Relax completely in every muscle.  Now say to yourself, “there is an abundant supply of health for every created thing in the earth.  There is no one, or no thing that wants to deprive me of an abundance of health.  I now believe an abundance of health is flowing through every atom of my body.  Subconscious mind, it is your job to supply me with all the health and vitality I can use, and I have now removed every doubt and fear and accept the full measure of health in every bone and fibre of my being.”  Repeat this over and over until you feel the power flowing through you.  Imagine it in your mind.  Picture as clearly as possible your body in its prime.  Get a clear mental picture of how you want to be.  Then as you go to sleep keep repeating “All is well.”  Use your own words, of course, but get the sense, the feeling of well being.

You will succeed in the exact proportion you are able to keep out doubt and fear.  You cannot instruct the subconscious mind and then think “it won’t do any good.”  YOU MUST BELIEVE.

There is no big or little in the infinite intelligence.  There is no old or young, malignant or functional.  There is just one thing.  INTELLIGENCE.  If intelligence knew how to create you in the first place it knows how to re-create you.  Intelligence is just like the water in your hydrant.  It is trying to flow out to you.  Fear and doubt are the faucets that shut if off.  If you do not begin immediately to feel better, rest assured it is for the one reason only.  You have not fully believed.  If you cannot accept this, just recall that the Master Christian required one thing and one thing only of all whom he healed.  That they BELIEVE.


Reams have been written about human relationship, but the basic cause of all inharmony in personal relations is thinking critical thoughts about others.  We may try to fool ourselves into believing others do not know what we are thinking, but we must remember that it is OUR thoughts which create OUR conditions.  Also thoughts need not be spoken -they saturate the atmosphere about us.  We all know we can feel the moods of those we are with.  We are going to live in exactly the kind of a world in which we believe.  There is a great truth in the old saying, “What you are (what you habitually think) speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say.”

If our relationship with the public, our friends or our families is not to our liking we can change the conditions by changing our thoughts about those whom we would correct.  All you can ever know about a friend, your neighbor, or the dearest member of your family is what you believe about them.

Go about it something like this.  This person (naming them in your thought) is using the same infinite intelligence I am using, and is using it for the same purpose I am using it -to experience happiness.  His idea of how to achieve happiness may be different from mine, but he has a right to his way and if he finds he is wrong he will change.  I choose to preserve my peace of mind by believing only good about all whom I know.

No one else ever made you angry or unhappy.  You made yourself unhappy by accepting into your consciousness an idea you believe detrimental to your well-being.  Your thought was the father of everything you ever did in your life.  To be happy and harmonious, father only happy and harmonious thoughts.  Blaming someone else is just a poor alibi, for no one ever compelled you to accept anything into your consciousness you did not want.


Most of us think of prosperity as having money.  However, money is only the EVIDENCE, the end result of prosperity.  Money is a receipt given us for goods delivered, or services performed.  There is never a shortage of money.  There is only lack of ideas, or lack of services rendered.  So if we haven’t enough money it proves we are not going to the storehouse of intelligence for new and better ideas, or that we are not giving the kind of service people are willing and eager to pay for.

The storehouse of intelligence now has all the ideas ever to be expressed, and the knowledge of how to use them, and your inner consciousness is a direct pipeline to this storehouse.  So tell that subconscious mind what you want, and BELIEVE that it will be delivered to you.  Don’t get impatient.  If you have not been accustomed to this way of doing, you’ll need to train yourself -your conscious mind to get out of the way and LET the ideas come.  When the idea you are sure is suitable comes, DO SOMETHING about it.  No difference how little a thing at first.  Maybe it will only be to sketch a little drawing or make a simple outline.  Do each little thing as it occurs to you, but DO NOT TELL ANYONE ELSE.   Your child should not be thrown to the wolves or the doubters and scoffers when it is young.  The seed sprouts in the silent recesses of the earth.  Hold it in mind as a growing, successful thing, and you’ll not be disappointed.

If yours is a job of service to mankind, the same storehouse of ideas will work for you in the factory, the store, or wherever you are employed.  In this storehouse there are thousands of ideas that will make you a more valuable employee, and the world pays much more for a clear mind and good ideas than it ever pays for muscle.

Whatever you need is in the storehouse now, and you can have it.  The process of reaching it is always the same.  Get rid of doubts and fears and criticisms of others.  Get alone and relax completely.  Picture in your mind clearly just exactly what you want and then accept the fact that it is now being delivered to you.  This is not a case of striving to concentrate, but rather of letting go and accepting.  As you are able to do this new health will flow into your body.  New ideas will flow into your mind and new opportunities will present themselves.  Then you will instruct your subconscious mind to see to it that you use these new opportunities and ideas in a manner to bring you the most good.


Many people have found the use of phonograph records or a tape recorder very helpful in this work.  When set to turn on and off after you are asleep the conscious mind, with its doubts and fears is out of the way and you are dealing directly with that part of your mind which has no limitations.  For most people the tape recorder with regulating clock and under-the-pillow speaker is more practical because you can make your own records and change them at will without the necessity of hiring them put on discs.  After a few nights the lightest sleeper will not be conscious of the record having been played.  Then when one problem is solved the tape can be erased and another record made.

Another very helpful method is to make a list of the three or four things you want most,  in the order of their importance.  Write them on a card and put it in your pocket or purse, or use the page at the end of this booklet.  Read them over several times every day,  each time visualizing them as yours now.  It is important to remember that you should talk to no one about it.  This is your own individual creative power and it requires absolute faith and silence to grow.  It should no more be discussed with others than you would think of taking your friends out to the garden and dig up the seeds to show them what you have planted.

Did you ever stop to think that faith and fear are the same thing.  Faith is your belief in something good, something you want.  Fear is your belief in something you do not want.  Each is equally productive of results.  Faith moves the mountain out of your way.  Fear moves it down on your head.

If this booklet has impressed you as containing truth, let me warn you it will avail you nothing unless you put its truths intro practice.  It is not enough to say “that’s good” or “I believe that.”  Just thinking ABOUT it won’t help.  To get the slightest benefit from it, it must be PRACTICED.

When thoughts of illness come, they must be replaced by thoughts of health.  When someone displeases you it is necessary at once to turn your thought to their good qualities, and when thoughts of lack arise it is imperative that the mind be turned to thoughts of abundance.  Then and then only will you reap the harvest.

* Taken from the Second Edition (1954), published by Mind Guidance Group of The Mental Shop. Copyright, 1950 by DeWitt Martin.


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