Are you a ‘barker’ or a ‘biter’?… An Introduction To Postfuturism

Which are you.. a ‘barker’ or a ‘biter’? or both? or none?

“Perro que ladra no muerde” is a traditional saying in spanish which theorizes (after observation) how a barking dog won’t bite. In other words, and in most cases anyway, it’s either a ‘barker’ or a ‘biter’.  In a metaphorical sense this is just the same for humans. For instance, you might have noticed that most of the time one who talks much does little, and one who does much talks little; and most probably it’s happened to you that when you verbally express what you need or want to do in the future, you end up not doing it, and vice versa; etc. etc. etc.  Pay attention to what’s being said and done, and you will know much about the person talking… yourself… life…

It’s fun to remember that what’s in ‘front’ of the eyes mirrors what’s ‘behind’ them; and what’s ‘outside’ the heart mirrors that which is ‘inside’.  So… again… are you a ‘barker’ or a ‘biter’? what side of the mirror do you prefer?  If we’re processing this thought together, then we shouldn’t ignore the -fact- that the water is already boiling.  Need I say POSTFUTURISM is ready to be thrown in?

In POSTFUTURISM we are simultaneously both ‘barkers’ and ‘biters’. This is true, and so we not only transcend time (postfuturism=pastfuturism=byfuturism=preterfuturism) but also, at the very least, we transcend tradition and culture, knowledge, war, the ying yang, separation, disorder, etc.  We are -now- free to ‘say’ and ‘do’, to ‘bark’ and ‘bite’.

What is next? probably what was before huh?… mirrors… mirrors… Does POSTFUTURISM feel like home already?… Are ‘you’ and ‘me’ welcome in eternity now? or later? or both? or none?

None? A-Ha!? Eureka!?!? Thank logic redundancy (really thank her… no, really). Why can we be freely and simultaneously both ‘barkers’ and ‘biters’?… because we are none…  How can we freely and simultaneously ‘say’ and ‘do’?… transcending ourselves…

Now please don’t just sit on the mind = words, thoughts, beliefs; you name it… Attention will show the brain emptiness as space. Attention is no other than the ‘nothingness’ in which ‘everything’ takes place.

*** Isn’t the sound of the word mirror funny? Not so far from growling/barking is it? ***

*** Does 11:11 have more sense to us now? ***

*** When am I ever to shut up? When are you ever to listen? Got it… let’s exchange roles… what roles???? ***

*** WHAT MIRROR??? ha-ha!… ***

Forever and never,



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